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AK-III – How to change the pileheight

This tutorial is all about changing the pileheight on the AK-III. The process is the same no matter whether you are on the loop pile or cut pile setting. Click here to find the tutorial to change from cut to loop pile and vis versa

Things you need:

– The needle with the suitable wheel to it
– Special pliers that come with the gun
– Open ended wrench, 10mm
– Allen wrench set that comes with the gun
– Adjustable open ended wrench or plier suitable to hold the wheels

As always before you start working on your tufting guns, make sure its unplugged and not connected to your airhose anymore.

We start with changing the needle:

First take off the foot by loosening the screw on top of the AK-III with your suitable allen wrench.

Make sure to set all parts aside for later

Unscrew the small plate that is holding your needle in place with the pliers that come with the tufting gun.

Make sure you have the platescrew and the tiny washer secured!

Slide the washer onto the needle that you have to put on your tufting gun and on the screw on top.

Put it back in place and tighten the screw again with your pliers. Make sure the nose of the needle (where it’s the longest) is on the top and not sideways or facing down. Make sure it’s really tight. You don’t want any of these parts to become loose!

Let’s put the foot back in place. Slide it back in the screw at the top of your AK-III.
Position the needle to the innermost point and set the foot so it aligns with the tip of the needle.

Make sure the needle is centered and tighten the screw. Double check the position.

Now we only have to replace the wheel with the suitable new wheel.

Hold the wheel in place with your adjustable wrench and loosen the suitable openended wrench, take it off and slide the new wheel onto it. (Sometimes it does not want to slide in all the way. Just turn it in like a screw then.)

Tighten it and you are ready to tuft again. (Make sure it really sits tight!)

If you have any unanswered questions feel free to leave a comment or send us an email to help@tuftinglove.com

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