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Cut Pile NK01 Tufting Gun: Everything you need to know about your tufting gun

In this article you will get a general overview over our NK 01 Cut Pile Tufting Gun. All the important parts will be explained, we show you the standard measurements you want to have on your gun and much more.

First and most important, whenever you are making adjustments on you tufting gun, always unplug it!

Let’s get an overview over all the parts.

  1. Main switch
  2. Speed regulator
  3. Trigger
  4. Main gear
  5. Position sensor
  6. Yarn feeder
  7. Needle
  8. Scissor
  9. Pusher
  10. Foot
  11. Pile height adjustment screw
  12. Lower bearing
  13. Top bearing
  14. Scissor adjustment screw

The parts

1 Main switch

This is where you the machine on and off.
A tutorial on how to replace these will be added soon.

2 Speed regulator

With this knob you can go from slowest to highest speed. The faster you set it the faster you need to tuft and therefore move your machine.
We recommend on starting slow.

3 Trigger

With the trigger you actually start tufting. It’s a simple on-off-trigger. Pressing it harder is not regulating speed. The speed has to be set with the speed regulator knob.

4 Main gear

The main gear is the connection between the motor of the gun and all the bearing parts connected to the needle.
Make sure you feed your yarn properly so it won’t get stuck in the gear.

A troubleshooting tutorial for this will be coming soon.

5 Position sensor

This sensor is checking where your needle is positioned and sends a signal to the motor to keep the tufting rythm going.

If you have problems with the sensor and your gun tufts without you pulling the trigger, follow this link.

6 Yarn feeder

Always guide your yarn through this little loop before threading it through your needle. This helps with keeping the yarn away from all the moving parts.

You can find more about yarn feeding here.

7 Needle

With the needle you poke through your tufting cloth after threading it with your yarn.

You can find more about yarn feeding and threading here.

8 Scissor

The scissor is cutting the yarn at the end of the loop and therefore makes this tufting gun a cut pile machine.

9 Pusher

The pusher is setting the pile height together with the scissor. It’s pushing the tufting cloth away from the foot and helps moving the machine forward.

How to set you pusher correctly is explained here.

10 Foot

The foot is the surface of the tufting gun you push against the tufting cloth. Together with the correctly positioned needle it’s also responsible for creating an even weave.

You can find a tutorial about these adjustments here.

11 Pile height adjustment screw

With the help of this screw you are able to set your tufting gun to different pile heights.

For a tutorial on pile height adjustment on our cut pile NK01 tufting gun, follow this link.

12 Lower Bearing

This part is connecting scissor (8) and pusher (9) with the gear.

13 Top Bearing

This part is connecting the needle to the motor parts.

14 Scissor adjustment screw.

With this screw you set the timing for the closing of the scissors.

A full tutorial on this you find here.

Basic Settings

Top bearing: 60 mm (this must never be changed otherwise the position from needle to foot will be off!)

Foot: should be aligned with the hole of the needle as shown in the picture.

You can find a short tutorial on this topic here.

Follow this link to find a list of all tutorials related to our Cut pile NK01 Tufting gun.

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