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Cut Pile NK01 Tufting Gun: How to change the scissors

This is a full step by step tutorial to change the scissors of your cut pile NK01 tufting gun when they are broken or you need to sharpen them.

Before you start you want to make sure your tufting gun is unplugged.

First you want to unscrew the four screws on the head of your tufting gun.

Lay all these parts safely to the side, make sure to not lose anything

Now you can take the whole front part off of the tufting gun.

Next you want to unscrew the nut that connects your lower bearing to the slide with the scissors and pusher.

Also slide out this whole part now.

You have finally reached the final screw. Unscrew the scissor part and replace it with the new scissors. Tighten it back on the slide.

Slip the slide back into the two guiding rods. Make sure the little metal part highlighted in the picture slides into the U formed metal slide.

Now slip back on the lower bearing and tighten the nut.

Now put the front part of your gun back on and tighten the 4 screws. Be sure to have it the correct way around with the scissor adjustment block facing the left side.

Be sure all screw are tightened well and check your scissor closing mechanism.
You’ll find a tutorial on this one here.

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Hi I have a AK01 tufting gun. And my scissors on it stopped cutting the yarn. And Iv been looking everywhere to get the scissors to replace my dull one. Please help


Hey Autumn,

so sorry for the late response!

We got 1 spare scissors for the AK01 left. But also more are coming in next week if you rather buy a set of 3.
You can send me an email to help@tuftinglove.com with your address if you would like to order the 1 pcs now and a prepare everything for you. Besides that the Spareparts will be in the shop next week when everything arrives in our warehouse.

Jenni from Tuftinglove.com


I have the AK01 and the T shaped nut came out how do I replace it ?


Hey Diamond,

could you send me an email to help@tuftinglove.com with a picture of the situation. There ares every t_shaped nuts, so it’s hard to help without knowing the situation clearly.

thank you

Jatzmin Johnson

Hello, My tufting gun is not working. It has no motion but will turn on. How do i fix this?


Hey Jamitz,

You can open the handle to check if the cableing is still connected to the trigger. Otherwise it might be the electronics block in the back of the machine. Do you have an original AK-I?

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