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Cut Pile NK01 Tufting Gun: Scissors are not closing

If you have adjusted your pile height of your Cut Pile NK01 Tufting gun you need to adjust the scissor closing mechanism as well.

You want your scissors to close when they’re pushing out the furthest and reached their maximum.

To do adjust this you want to loosen the screw on the backside of your gun on the side of the foot, with your middle allen key.

With sliding this screw you can adjust the closing mechanism. When you’re going for longest pile height you want to go to the very front part and for the smallest to the very back. This needs some try and error sometimes as well.

If this is not going far enough, you might have stepped over or under the max/min pile height.
Follow this link, to check standard settings on your gun. To start from the mainsettings.

Follow this link for a full guide on how to adjust the pile height of our Cut pile NK01 Tufting gun.

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Edivaldo Fragoso

Hi Tufting Love,

Thank you for the support,

I have a very similar issue with my cut pile gun.
The Scissors are not retrieving back when I press the trigger, it creates irregularity when tufting and does not cut at all due to a malfunction, closing, sliding and retrieving back.

They come forward, remaining open and irregulated.
I feel somehow the scissors is higher and it frictions to something when moving forward, the motion feels stiff and hard to close.

I have opened it, taken it apart, changed the scissors, and try to make it bring to the original settings, I can tuft a line but few lines after it goes back to opening and be unregulated.

I have done everything recommended, I have watched plenty of videos, changed few things but they don’t seem to close or have the original motion.

I was wondering if you could give me hand fixing it, I have few assignments to finish and I am freaking out right now.

Hope you could help,

Thank you


Juanita Marshall

I think I got a defective machine. Parts keep breaking off. First was the scissor opener. Now some piece of metal that’s on the side connected to some wire. I’m at a loss of what to do with this thing. It’s only two months old. Not even used much

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