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Cut Pile NK01 Tufting Gun: Troubleshooting uneven weave

If you have an uneven weave at the backside of your tufting cloth after adjusting the pile height of your Cut Pile NK01 Tufting Gun this tutorial will guide you to the solution.

If it’s your first time tufting make sure you have followed all the points listed below before adjusting your gun:

– Your tufting gun needs to be pushed in the tufting cloth properly. The foot of your tufting gun should be in contact with your tufting cloth at all times.

– Stretch the tufting cloth properly. There is no proper tufting with a loose tufting cloth. You can’t put too much stretch on your cloth. Really stretch it as tight as you can! (This is a big problem when starting tufting)

If you followed these points and you still have an uneven weave you most likely misadjusted your tufting gun.

First you want to make sure that the hole of your needle is aligned to the foot. 
Make sure your top bearing distance is set to 60 mm and the foot is adjusted as shown in the picture.
You never want or need to adjust the foot or the top bearing! We are only working with the bottom bearing to adjust the pile height.

Then make sure the pusher of your tufting gun is set correctly as shown in the picture. There should be a small gap between the pusher and the foot. You can double check this with the smallest allen wrench that comes with the tufting gun. The maximum distance should be the thickness of the smallest allen key.

Now your gun should produce a nice and even weave in the back of your tufting cloth.

If you got problems with your scissors not closing, follow this link.

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