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First time tufting: What to take care of?

If you are looking for tufting supplies and want to know what you need, simply follow this link to find a list of things.

If you already have everything you find a step by step guide below.


You want to maintain consistent pressure while tufting. Make sure the foot of your tufting gun is pressed against your tufting cloth at any time while tufting. There is no such thing as too much pressure, usually people are afraid of pushing too hard. If you are not pushing enough your tufting gun will kind of jump around on your tufting cloth and the yarn will not stay in the cloth. More on this here.


Make sure your tufting gun is always in a 90 degrees angle to the tufting cloth. Otherwise it will create an uneven weave and most likely rip your tufting cloth.


The tufting gun is only tufting forward, in one direction. If you wanna go around a corner you have to change the direction while guiding it with the hand that pulls the trigger.

Row distance:

Row distance is depending on pile height, yarn type and how many yarn strings you are feeding through your gun. You want it to be pretty dense on the front of your piece but not too much because it’s loosing some fluffiness. You can also tuft between two already tufted lines if you realize there is a gap on the front of your piece. Once you know your yarns and your guns, you will know how to handle it.

Loop pile tufting gun:

If you are working with our loop pile NK02 tufting gun you need to have a clipper or scissors on you. This machine is creating small ongoing loops and therefore the yarn needs to get manually cut at the end of each row. Therefore it’s super easy to make corrections because you can just pull the whole yarn string out again, close the gaps with your fingernails and start tuft again. This, of course, only works a couple of times on a certain spot. At some point you will overwork the tufting cloth, but I liked it a lot when I was starting since it reduces the risk of mistakes that can’t be corrected.

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