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How to adjust the sensor of my tufting gun? It won’t turn off anymore.

Most likely your sensor got out of position during shipping or when you adjusted your pile height. That’s no big problem.

Unplug your tufting gun and we get started.

It might just be a stuck trigger. Check back here.

In the back of your gun, you’ll find these two thin metal plates connected to the yellow wire.

How the sensor works:

When the two little dots are connected, the gun will stop running if you don’t pull the trigger. This means if you stop pulling the trigger, the gun will always finish the current tuft/movement, just that this happens so fast that we would not realize. You’ve maybe already noticed that while turning the gear with the gun turned off it will always go back to the starting position as soon as you turn the machine back on – that’s because of what the sensor does.

How to solve the problem:

Usually loosening the small screw with your smallest allen key, tilting it a bit to the front and tighten it again will do. Make sure the two metal parts are lined up on top of each other nicely.
It might be some trial and error to find the right position but it’s an easily solved problem compared to how crazy it feels when it occurs.

You want to make sure the sliding part is going underneath the sensor and closing it.

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Rebeca Rivadeneyra

Gracias pero mi pistola es de boton rojo y no trae ese aditamento me podría decir si tiene arreglo?


Hey Rebeca, we haven´t figured it out with the red button gun yet. We had several of this exact questions but we don´t own a red button gun so we can´t really figure it out. These are sadly very poorly produced. It might just be an electronics fuck up that can´t be solved. But we really don´t know. Sorry.


Brilliant! My tufting gun had a slightly different issue but your video solved it anyway: when i was pulling the trigger to tuft, it would continue tufting a bit longer than wanted, which was making my tufting imprecise. The problem was that two small metal tips were not touching each other anymore, so i re-aligned them with unscrewing and screwing back the same screw. Thanks!

Last edited 2 years ago by Marie

I’ve adjusted my sensors to make sure they close but my tufting gun still goes even when I’m not pulling the trigger. Anymore tips or suggestions?


Hi! My gun is doing the same thing and I tried to loosen the sensor and set it straight but it’s still doing it. Is there anything else I could do?

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