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How to feed your yarn: Things to take care of

Yarn feeding sounds like an easy peasy topic. But there are some small things that will make your life a lot easier while tufting.

Let’s start with the source. In the best case you want your yarn to be on a cone. Also a ball where you can pull from the inside will work. If you buy your yarn on skeins you can rewind your yarn with an easy and affordable ball winder, like the one we have in our shop. A nice and consistent feed from the source is the most important part. The rest of your feeding can be top notch, if you are pulling from a skein it’s never gonna run smoothly.

Next you want to feed your yarn through an eyelet above your cone or ball. and then into your gun. Your yarn should always come from your left side when tufting with our NK01 and NK02 tufting gun. It tends to get tangled in the position sensor when coming from the right side.

Before feeding it through the needle, always feed it through the eyelet on the tufting gun to prevent it from getting tangled in the moving parts of the machine.

Now just thread the needle with the help of a threader and you are good to go!

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