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How to finish a rug

This is the process of finishing a rug. If you are looking for the process of finishing a wall piece follow this link and for a fabric follow this link.

Ok, let’s talk about finishing your rug. There are several different options. Thats just how we do it in our studio so you might find other and maybe even better ways to go. We would love to hear about your preferred workflow so we can add it to our tufting knowledge base.

When you are done tufting you want to trim the back of your rug. Make sure to cut all the excess yarn in the back of your rug so you have an even a surface to glue.

Now spread the glue with your spatula or brush (If you wanna find out more about the glue we use, follow this link). Make sure to cover the whole area properly including the edges. If you’re not covering it all the way your yarn treads can still be pulled out after, what will leave you with holes in your cloth (like a swiss cheese). Once you are done glueing it on the frame, let it dry over night (or whatever time your glue says).

We always make sure to glue around the piece about 2-3 cm. We put this glue on with a smaller spatula. Like this you will be able to have a nice finish in the end.

The next day cut your piece out with a fabric scissor, leaving about 2-4 cm of tufting cloth around the piece.

Now you got two options. First glueing on the backing and then folding in (we would recommend this if you have a weaved backing, thats also how we always do it in our studio) or first folding it in and then glueing the back (we recommend this if you are using a felt or similar that cannot come loose on the edges).

Now the for backing: You want to cut it the same shape as your rug, slightly smaller.

Now you can glue it on with spray adhesive. We have tested many and are very happy with the two brands shown on the picture. Both are spraying a web on the surface.

Spray both sides and put them together after five minutes.

Make sure to place it correctly from the beginning on. You will not really be able to move it. Press it with full force, maybe do a first little dance with your hands on it. It’s not about how long to press, but about with how much force you press.

So to fold in the edges you can do this with spray adhesive again, just make sure to not spray the whole back.
You can also do it with a hot glue gun and we also like to take a small piece of wood so we don’t burn our fingers. Step by step you want to fold in the remaining tufting cloth on the back of your piece. Because we glued the tufting cloth around the piece as well it’s not falling apart and if you cut it nicely around your pice you get a nice and neat finish. (If you have a round shaped piece we recommend cutting in the cloth, to be able to fold it in nicely.)

You will not have this little triangle on the edge that you can cut super tight with your fabric scissor…

…and get a super neat finish on it.

Flip your rug and dance the ” I finished my rug” dance to make sure it’s pressed properly everywhere.

Now you might want to do some more sheering and detail work as you wish and you’re finished with your rug.

This is at the moment our preferred finishing method. There are tons of different ways to go!

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