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How to finish a wall hanging

When you are done with your tufting work and you have cut all the excess yarn from the back of your piece, you have two options for a wall hanging: You can glue it or cut it out unglued.

Let’s have a look at the glued version first:

Spread the glue with a spatula or brush, depending on the glue’s consistency. You want to make sure that the whole area is covered properly. Let it dry over night. The next day cut out your piece with about 2 cm of excess tufting cloth around it.

Version two without glueing:

You don’t necessarily need to glue a wall piece because there is no chance your tufted piles will be teared out. If still wanna do so, go ahead as follows:

Cut out your pice with about 2 cm of tufting cloth around it. If you cut it out without glueing your piece will most probably roll up which you can fix by ironing it. Just take a damp towel and lay it between your tufted piece and your iron. The steam will help flatten it. You can also use your steaming iron to do this.

You now want to glue in the seam with your hot glue gun and fold it in all around your piece.

If it’s a small piece you might hang it as it is. If it’s a bigger piece it makes sense to glue or staple it on to a wooden plate. Cut a wooden plate to the size of your piece and spray glue or staple it on the plate.

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