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How to finish my pieces? What glue to use to finish pieces?

The are countless things you can tuft. They can be split in three basic categories. In this overview we show you how to finish the various types.

All the products we recommend have been tested by us and are available in Europe. Let us know if you tested other products we could add to the list.

RugWall hangingFabric
Do I need to glue my tufted piece?YesNot necessarily, but we like doing it.Yes
What glue should I use?Geistlich Belagskleber comes from 0,5 kg to 12 kg bucketsGeistlich Belagskleber comes from 0,5 kg to 12 kg bucketsYou want to use some latex. We are testing different options at the moment.
Do I need a backing?Yes. You want to protect your rug from the back to make it last longer and add some softness to it.No. There is no wear and tear on a wall hanging and you will most probably glue or staple it onto a wooden plate.Sort of. You need a lining. Let’s say you are sewing a winter jacket you always put a lining in. Nothing different with a tufted fabric.
What’s the finishing process?Follow this tutorialFollow this tutorialFollow this tutorial

We are working on offering all kinds of glue in our shop. Give us some time to figure out the best products and we will update you asap.

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