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WPI – Wraps per Inch, what is it?

Wraps per Inch already say what it is.
How many times can you wrap your yarn tight around a pencil or ruler to reach 1 Inch. That’s how easy it’s measured.

The thinner the yarn, the more often you would wrap, therefore the WPI number would be higher. 

In the picture you can see a bulky yarn, that we only feed once thru the machine. WPI 9

Now what you want for tufting.
When tufting you want to feed as much yarn through your needle so it can still move without any force but won’t slip out if you don’t hold onto it.

So you could tuft with your sewing supplies, you will just need a lot of threads to feed through.
We did stuff like, feeding 32 strings of knitting yarn through the tufting gun. It works great, it looks great and it feels great! But you need to fill up the hole in the needle!

If you don’t fill up your needle, your tufting gun might leave a bigger hole in the tuftingcloth than your yarn will be able to fill and therefore might fall out

What we do:

What’ we usually do is feeding like 1-3 strands of yarn through our low pile Tufting gun.

DK/Fingering is like 16WPI 

you will need 2-3 strands

Bulky up to super bulky is from 10WPI

this will vary from 1-2 strands

When buying super bulky don’t forget, that it also needs to fit through your Tufting machine. We did buy to thick yarn, don’t do it like we did it.

In our Shop Tuftinglove.com you get the all the information for our yarns and how many strands of yarn we recommend for each type we offer.

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