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Loop Pile NK02 Tufting Gun: Replacing the yarn guide

With your Loop pile NK02 Tufting gun comes a spare yarn guide. In case you want to replace it you can find a step by step tutorial on this.

Don’t do this just to get to know the tufting gun or our out of curiosity. It’s an annoying process and you really only want to this when it’s necessary.

First you want to fully unscrew the pile height adjustment screw.

Then you will be able to pull out the yarn guide and the pusher from the front of your tufting gun.

You can switch your yarn guides and screw everything back in place.

First slip in your new yarn guide and grab it with the screw. Make a little mark with a pen on both sides where the whole is, so once you slided it in, you’ll have a reference for your screw.)

Once these two are connected to each other, slide in the pusher underneath the yarn guide. Make sure your pusher also slips in the guiding gap underneath the needle when tightening it down.

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