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Loop Pile Tufting Gun

We can split the loop pile tufting guns into two groups, low and high pile.

Loop pile machines create a nice and soft texture. With the Loop Pile tufting gun the height you tuft is set. Compared to the Cut Pile tufting machine you don’t need to trim the yarn in the end to have clear lines. Cutting it would create the look of the cut pile tufting gun.

Low Pile:
The Low Pile machines range from 4-14 mm. As you can see on the picture thats a nice range to achieve some 3D texture.

You want to alway clean your gun after usage with an aircompressor, if you have one, or with a brush. Just make sure all the tiny fiberparts are off of the machine.

Also you want to oil the machine every month, or even more often if you use it a lot. You will realize once it’s not working so smoothly anymore. Please don’t wait too long and give your tufting gun some love.
!!!Please don’t use sewing machine oil!!!!

It’s a common misunderstanding that sewing machine oil is a lubricant while its actually made for the gears to interlock and have some grip. What we need is the opposite! We want it to run super smooth. You can use knitting machine oil for example or any lubricant.

Everything about our Loop pile NK02 tufting gun can be found here.

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