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Main gear is not moving or the main gear is not moving smoothly – Why?

If your main gear is not moving at all or not moving smoothly there can be several problems.

It’s very important not to turn on the the tufting gun if the gear is not moving smoothly or not moving at all!

If you have this problem with our Loop Pile NK02 Tufting Gun make sure your needle support is not touching the foot. If it does, follow this link to solve the problem.

First make sure the top bearing of your tufting gun is still on the right setting.
Loop pile: 57mm
Cut pile: 60mm
This setting shall never be changed. We don’t need to touch this for pile height changes!

If your top bearing is set correctly and the gear will still not move smoothly or at all, you most probably lengthened the lower bearing too much when you adjusted your pile height.

Take off the nuts again and shorten it as much as needed. It’s a game of trial and error with always slipping it back on and trying to rotate the gear. Once this runs smoothly again you can tighten everything up again.

What happened: If you lengthen the bearing too much the gear cannot rotate as far as guided by the bearing because the whole sliding part will not be able to move as far to the front.

When you have adjusted this and you first misadjusted it while setting a new pile height you might have missed one of the other steps or misadjusted something else along the way.

Go back to our pile height adjustment tutorials to set it correctly. Leave a comment if you need further help!

Loop Pile NK02 Tufting Gun tutorial

Cut Pile NK01 Tufting Gun tutorial

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Breanne Milburn

My cut pile always gives me problems when I adjust it. I’ve had it at the longest since I got it and recently (2 days ago) I changed it to the shortest which is what I’d like to keep it at. I have had nothing but constant issues. It’s either beeping, it’s doing like a vibration and beeping sound, or it’s chopping up my cloth, or it’s acting as a loop pile almost as it’s not cutting the yarn, etc. I’ve basically been experiencing every issue that you probably could have with the tufting gun. Right now, I finally got it to where I think it’s a good spot, but now it’s Cutting up my cloth, and it sometimes well and sometimes won’t cut the yard. I finally got it to stop beeping though. Please help me!

Breanne Milburn

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I followed the tutorial video and I had no idea I could just push the pusher back. Thank you again


My loop pile has gone from working now it just beeeps and moves the cog super slowly and doesn’t work.


Hello I need help with my tufting gun the white spinning circle isn’t running when the motor starts

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