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My gun makes weird noises: What to do when the tufting gun ”beeps” ?

We differentiate between two different kinds of noise that we are familiar with.

First we have a pitched noise when the machine is moving sounding a bit like an old bicycle. And we do exactly the same thing as with an old bicycle. We oil our tufting gun. Follow the link for an instruction where to oil.

The second common noise is a high pitched beep and your gun will stop in the cloth. This means you are most probably tufting over some already tufted lines or you use to much yarn and your gun can’t handle it. The high pitched noise is coming from the motor that does not have enough power to make it happen.

Do not over tuft already existing lines and do not use yarn that is too strong. 

We made the experience that linen i.e. is not really made to be used with our NK01 Tufting Gun. It’s just too strong and the scissor of the tufting gun can not produce enough strength to cut it.

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