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My yarn is not staying in the cloth. What to do to make the yarn stay in the cloth?

Most probably it’s your first time tufting and you are not pushing enough.

– Really, push hard. The tufting cloth and frame can take it. Make sure the foot of your tufting gun is always pressed against the cloth.
– Make sure your tufting cloth is stretched properly. You don’t want it to ” blow in the wind ”, it has to be tight. Read more on stretching the cloth here.
– Buy tufting cloth instead of cheap burlap or other alternatives, these are not made for the force of the tufting gun. Read more on this here.
– Are you moving your machine in the correct direction? Follow the link for more information.

If this happens after adjusting the pile height follow these links:

For Cut Pile NK01 Tufting Gun
For Loop Pile NK02 Tufting Gun

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