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Tufting cloth, cloth, primary tufting cloth

We differentiate between primary tufting cloth and secondary tufting cloth (final backing)

Primary cloth is one of the most important parts for tufting and something you should not save on. Tufting cloth is what the canvas would be to a painter. You stretch it over your tufting frame and tuft on it.

If you wanna know more about secondary cloth/final backing, follow this link.

Tufting cloth is made especially for tufting with stability in mind.

There are many alternatives out there like burlap and monks cloth. We do not recommend using these. They’re not made to take up all the forces you are going to create with your tuftinggun. These will most probably tear and not last. Once you have a hole in your cloth and therefore in your rug, it’s annoying crafty work to hide it.

If you want to know how to stretch your tufting cloth properly, follow this link.

There are still different cloths out there you can use:

Usually white or gray with guiding lines to make stretching it evenly easier.
Polyester ones are the most durable in our experience. We have not been able to make it tear, even though we really tried.

You can find our product from Fiberlane in our Shop Tuftinglove.com


There is also 100% cotton tufting cloth, all natural. We have seen natural white, white and dark grey/black versions of it.
These do usually not have guidelines. For stretching this might be a bit more difficult but if you wanna do a nice wall piece with empty spaces, this can be pretty beautiful to look at.

This one is not as strong as the polyester tufting cloth but works great too.
We do not recommend this for beginners, because you have enough other things to concentrate on. We offer natural white and the dark grey/black one on Tuftinglove.com

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