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Tufting Gun care: How to oil my tufting gun?

This is a maintenance guide on our cut pile NK01 tufting gun and our loop pile NK02 tufting gun. These instructions may not apply for models from other sellers.

After every use you should free your tufting gun from all the tiny fiber parts. You can do this with an air compressor, canned air and/or a little brush.

As a rule of thumb you should oil your tufting gun at least once a month. 

If you use your tufting gun a lot and intensely you should oil more often. You will also realize when it’s just not working as smoothly anymore.

Don’t be shy with the oil, you can’t over-oil it.

Before oiling, unplug the machine!

Also don’t use regular sewing machine oil. This is not standard lubricant oil, it’s made for sewing machine gears to nicely grab into each other. And that’s exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve: We want it to move as smoothly as possible and not adding any grip!

You want to oil the four rods including the moving part.

Put a few drips of lubricant oil on it and move the main gear to spread it.
If you’ve put a bit too much oil on it you can remove it with a cloth. You want it to stay oily though.

Now you are good to go again.

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