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Tufting guns

Generally, we differentiate the tufting guns in two groups with the variation of low and high pile.

We have a look at low pile now (high pile follows soon)

Loop pile

The loop pile machines will create loops as you see to your right on the left side.
It’s like an ongoing weave, the yarn is not cut by the machine at any point. When you finished the line and want to start a new line you need to cut the yarn , otherwise you will pull it out of the cloth.

To take a closer look at the Loop pile machine we offer, follow the link.

Cut pile

The cut pile machine is a bit more complex. As you can see above it’s cutting short strips of yarn that are pushed though your tufting cloth.
A small scissor is hidden inside the needle that will push forward and cut the yarn automatically. So you don’t have to worry about having a thread cutter around.

To look deeper at the cut pile machine we offer, follow the link.

We tried to illustrate the difference between those two types of tufting guns in the video below:

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