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Backing cloth, final backing, secondary backing

The backing is glued to the back of your rug. It gives your rug extra protection from the back, makes it last longer and is also adding an extra layer and therefore makes your rug more soft.

Backings vary from felt backing, non skid backing to cotton backing for rugs and sewn in lining for fabrics.

Backings are only needed for rugs (and if you tuft your own fabric, but that’s a topic for itself. More on it coming soon!). For wall hangings you don’t need an extra backing, since there will be no wear and tear and you’re not gonna walk on it, therefore it doesn’t need to be softer.

We offer a nice and lasting cotton backing in our shop Tuftinglove.com

If you wanna know more about the construction of the rug and when to glue it and how to do it, follow this link. For more about the finishing process, click here.

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