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Your first time tufting

Congratulations to your tufting gun! Of course, you wanna get going as quickly as possible so let us explain to you the most important aspects that you need to be aware of when you first start tufting. We keep it short to make sure that you can start in no time. 🙂 As usual you’ll find a video in which we describe everything in detail below this article.

Here are the most important things to be aware of:

  1. User proper tufting cloth. Many shops sell monk’s cloth or other textiles as tufting cloth but we can promise you that this won’t give you the full tufting experience. Only proper tufting cloth is made to take the force that needs to applied to get a proper result.
  2. Push hard: The foot of your tufting machine needs to be in contact with your tufting cloth at all times while tufting. You can never push too hard only too little. That being said, don’t forget the first point of this list since only good tufting cloth can take the force you need to apply.
  3. The right direction: Move in the right direction. There is only ‘forward’ with the tufting gun. If you wanna move down, turn it 180° and for curves rotate it to the desired angles. You can see this very clearly in the video below.
  4. Threading: Your needle should be filled with yarn. It should not slip out and still be able to move easily. If one thread is not enough, use two or more. The needle is gonna punch quite a big hole in the tufting cloth and the yarn needs to fill this up to not fall out again. There is no general rule of thumb since this depends very much on the type of yarn you’re using but the more you tuft the more you will get a feel for it.

If you wanna know more – which we highly recommend – head lean back and watch our tutorial where we talk about all these things in detail.

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