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Loop Pile NK02 Tufting Gun: Pile height adjustment

Here you can find a step by step manual on how to change your pile height to highest and to lowest on our Loop Pile NK02 Tufting gun.

If you have problems with an uneven weave after adjusting, follow this link for troubleshooting

You may also watch the video or download the PDF at the end of each chapter.

This tutorial will teach you how to go from lowest (4 mm) to highest (14 mm).

You only need a suitable Philips screwdriver for the pile height adjustment screw.

The pile height on our Loop pile NK02 Tufting gun is created by the distance of the guiding and pusher part.

Whatever pile height between 4 and 14 mm you want to tuft, this is where the distance is set.

If you now loosen up the screw on the bottom of the gun, both of these parts can move.

So you want to set the distance correctly and also make sure the distance between pusher and foot stays at the desired 1-2 mm (check with your smallest allen key).

We don’t want to change the foot position. It should always be in the shown distance to the needle support to tuft save and even.

If your needle support is touching the foot, follow this link.

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