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I want to start tufting! What do I need?

Welcome to the wonderful world of tufting. You’ll find an overview of what you need to start tufting in the table below.

Tufting gunaround 250€, check out our shop.
Framearound 70€ if you buy it. If you are a handy person you can build one yourself starting around 25€
Check out our starter set in the shop.
Tufting clothfrom around 5-6€ per sqm 
You can shop tufting cloth in our shop
Yarnfrom 10 – 100€/kg depending on yarn and quality
Check out our collection of yarns including rescued yarn from a big spinning mill
Thread cutter / Fabric scissorfrom 4€
Glue (not needed for wall hangings)from 10€/kg

check out the glues we recommend here.
Backing cloth (not needed for wall hangings)from 6€ per sqm

100% cotton backing available in our shop.

These prices are roughly orientated on the products we use in our studio. You might find other alternatives to these products. 

Let’s have a deeper look into these products.

Tufting gun:

Tufting guns for beginners come as two main types: Cut or loop pile. You can find a comparison chart of the two here and a detailed explanation of the two here.


You need a sturdy wooden frame to stretch your tufting cloth on.

We have a manual online for a nice starter frame here.

Tufting cloth:

This is a very important part. Tufting cloth is made to take the force of your tufting gun without tearing. There are cheaper alternatives used by many people. Why we do not recommend this you can read in the following article.


A huge topic! From acrylic to cotton to wool and banana silk. There are tons of options with huge quality and durability differences! Read more about it here.

Thread cutter / scissors:

If you are tufting with a loop pile tufting gun a thread cutter comes in handy because you have to cut your yarn after every row. This can be done with a pair of scissors as well. 

You will need scissors for sure to cut out your piece from the tufting cloth and to trim the carpet.


An important topic you can read more about here.

Final backing:

You’ll need final backing to give your rug a nice finish from the back and also make it last longer. More on this topic you can find here.

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